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Fusing for Instrument Transformer Circuit Protection

Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer

If you read our post on “Medium Voltage Fuses for Power Distribution Transformers, you know that power transformers don’t generate electrical power. They transform and transfer power safely between circuits. Current Limiting Fuses for Instrument Transformers Instrument Transformer Fuses are current-limiting fuses with high interrupting ratings used […]

Cooper Power ELSG Class Current Limiting

Cooper Power ELSG Class Current Limiting

Cooper Power Systems ELSG Current Limiting Fuses are designed for circuit protection in Switchgear and Power Transformers, particularly with Pad Mounted switchgear and transformers. ELSG Class power protection delivers high speed interrupting of current to prevent short circuits. Copper Power ELSG class current limiting 8.3 kV, 15.5kV, and 23kV fuses limit peak current and fault duration and […]

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