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S&C Power Fuses for Transmission Protect Utility & Industrial Substations

S&C Power Fuses for Transmission Protect Utility & Industrial Substations

Keeping Substation Overloads in Check Power fuses for outdoor substations are like overdraft protection from your bank. In this case, outdoor substation transformers and capacitor banks are the bank, and SMD Fuses for Transformer and Capacitor Banks keep the transmission […]

Circuit Protection for Power Distribution Transformers

Circuit Protection for Power Distribution Transformers

Medium Voltage Fuse Sizing for Power Distribution Transformers 600V and Up Fuses for Transformer and Switchgear Circuit Protection can suffer from an identity crisis. They’re often the same physical size and look similar. This can lead to mistakes in selecting a replacement fuse. Selecting the right fuse for medium voltage power distribution […]

S&C SM-4, SM-5 Outdoor Power Distribution Protection


S&C SM-4, SM-5 Power Fuses for Outdoor Distribution Equipment Protection Power fuses are like overdraft protection on checking accounts, and in this case, outdoor power equipment is the bank. Power overloads are like bouncing a check, and fuses respond to overdraws accordingly, protecting the system and keeping it balanced […]

Fusing for Instrument Transformer Circuit Protection

Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer

If you read our post on “Medium Voltage Fuses for Power Distribution Transformers, you know that power transformers don’t generate electrical power. They transform and transfer power safely between circuits. Current Limiting Fuses for Instrument Transformers Instrument Transformer Fuses are current-limiting fuses with high interrupting ratings used […]

Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuses

Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuses

Dual Element Time-Delay Fuses are designed for AC power distribution system mains,branch and feeder circuits with inductive loads (transformers, motors) or non-inductive loads (heating, lighting) where the short-circuit current is not beyond 200,000 RMS symmetrical amps. Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuses are among the most frequently used fuses in industry because of their economy, particularly in […]

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