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Gold Rush!… Mining Company Avoids Potential Downtime

Sttatic VAR Comnpensators

I was at the office Saturday morning catching up on some work when one of our largest customers called looking for fuses vital to their mining operation. They were doing maintenance on a critical […]

Eaton DSL Breaker Maintenance & Operation


Power fuses and circuit breakers protect equipment during overloads and short
circuits by interrupting electrical flow. Eaton and other manufacturers offer coordinated combinations of breakers and current limiters (fuses) primarily to extend the interrupting rating of circuit breakers up to 200,000 amperes RMS symmetrical […]

Eaton MCLS, BCLS Bolt-In R-Rated Fuses

Eaton MCLS, BCLS Bolt-In R-Rated Fuses

Protecting Drives and Starters in motors and controllers in high capacity systems requires circuit protection with high melting points and fast fault clearance. Correctly sizing power fuses with melting points and fuse clearance ratings increases circuit protection performance to minimize hardware damage. This article will explain features of MCLS and BCLS […]

Eaton Current Limiting Helix Fuse

Eaton Current Limiting Helix Fuse

Eaton Current Limiting Helix Fuses (CLE, HLE and HCL) Eaton Current Limiting Helix Fuses (CLE, HLE and HCL) are general purpose indoor or outdoor industrial fuses designed for limiting short circuits in high capacity applications. Voltage, Amperage, Interrupt Capacity and Current Limiting are key considerations when choosing a current limiting fuse for power distribution systems. Proper […]

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