Need-it-Now businesses will save the day!

For the last 20 years Monster Electrical has been successfully executing the business model we coined, Need-It-Now. Now more than ever the marketplace is acknowledging the value that Need-It-Now suppliers bring when the traditional electrical product channels fall flat. We are all living through an extraordinary time due to COVID-19, yet urgent, critical product supply has always been Monster’s “normal”.

Why do so many urgent requests come to Monster? Maybe the answer lies in how support for maintaining critical power systems has changed over the last 20 years. Return on Investment (ROI) has become the primary tactic for inventory management throughout the marketplace. And, planned maintenance has been tragically slashed from annual budgets.

Storerooms of the past had spare inventory of items necessary to run a facility. The manufacturer had most of their product available for immediate shipment. Distributors had inventory and knowledgeable field sales personnel. Now, for balance sheet focused companies, holding on to finished goods is a rarity anywhere within the supply chain. Outside sales groups now focus on upcoming projects over suggesting spare inventory items the end-user should keep on the shelf.

Experienced, knowledgeable facility managers are retiring to be replaced with inexperienced staff that don’t know what a failing bearing sounds like, which in turn leads to more unplanned events, more downtime.

Anytime the power is out we are reminded of how dependent we have become, on constantly flowing electricity. When a hospital is in that same situation, that lack of electrical power puts people’s lives in immediate jeopardy. The same thing can be said for other critical facilities that must keep running no matter what: pipelines, refineries, cold storage, food processing, paper mills making toilet paper, airports, etc. all have requirements for electrical items that are not on hand. This is where a Need-It-Now supplier must play  a vital role sourcing channel resources, testing for reliability and skillfully delivering product just-in-time.

At Monster Electrical, our business is our mission and our business is the mission. Being the Need-It-Now Supplier resource of critical medium voltage rated components (fuses rated 2300 volts and above, 5kV rated starter parts, 5kV – 15kV control power and potential transformers) is who and what we are! Having that fuse or part on hand with the resources to get it where it needs to be ASAP is our primary purpose.

If you are a decision-maker at an electrical wholesale organization, you know how difficult it is to balance inventory dollars, turn ratios and any projected equipment failures your customers may experience. The data you receive to make these decisions is incomplete and is only part of the picture.

Monster Electrical has combined the data (for decision making) with experiential knowledge gained from testing and examining all the products we handle. This special mindset has allowed us to focus our products that may be needed today, next week or next year. Reaching out to us gives you access to immense  inventory at no cost! We’ll always be there for you whenever that need arises.

Thank You,

Brian Corekin – Founder

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