EATON Bussmann Class L Fuses for Protection of Feeders and Service Entrance Equipment


EATON Bussmann Low-Peak™
KRP-C Class L, 600Vac/300Vdc Time Delay Fuse for Short Circuit and Overload Protection


The EATON Bussmann KRP-C fuse type, available in 601 to 6000A, is an all-purpose fuse for short circuit and overload protection of high capacity systems.

This Class L series is a current-limiting fuse that will interrupt a minimum of 200,000 amps.  The 601-2000A and the 3000A units carry a 300,000 amp interrupting rating. KRP-C power fuses are a member of EATON’s Cooper Bussmann Branch Circuit, Power Distribution Fuses.

Time Delay Fuse Vs. Fast Acting Fuse

This Low-Peak™ Time Delay fuse is used in high power systems such as mains (the main power line) and large feeders (peripheral to main). Different than fast-acting fuses, the Bussmann KRP-C Class L is a time-delay fuse that passes harmless surge currents of motors, transformers and other power equipment eliminating the need for over-fusing without giving up short circuit, current-limiting component protection.

A combination of 1⁄10 to 600A Low-Peak™ dual element time-delay fuses (LPS-RK, LPN-RK) and 601 to 6000A KRP-C Low-Peak™ fusing is suggested for total system protection.

Easily Selective Coordination

The Bussmann KRP-C series can be selectively coordinated for blackout protection. Plus, the upstream fuse size needs to be only twice the size of downstream Low-Peak™ fuses (2:1 ratio). Low-Peak™ fuses can protect circuit breakers with low interrupting rating as well as provide excellent overall protection of circuits and loads.

For KRP-C Class L 601-2000A specifications, Refer to Bussmann Data Sheet No. 1008
For KRP-C Class L 2001-6000A specifications, Refer to Bussmann Data Sheet No. 1009


EATON Bussmann KRP-CL 600Vac 225-600A, Time Delay Fuses (800A Class L case size)

The EATON Bussmann KRP-CL series is a current-limiting fuse with the same performance characteristics as the KRP-C fuses and carry a 200,000 amp interrupting rating. This series is made for applications needing a Class L dimension fuse with a 225-600A rating.  All KRP-CL fuses are built with the same dimensions as 800A Class L fuses.

For KRP-CL 600Vac, 225-600A specifications, Refer to Bussmann Class L Data Sheet No.1016

EATON Bussmann KTU & KLU Class L Limitron® 600Vac 601-6000A Fast Acting and Time Delay Fuses

The EATON Bussmann Limitron® KTU 600Vac Fast Acting fuse is designed with a 200,000 amp interrupting rating for short circuit protection in circuits with inrush currents. The Bussmann Limitron® fast acting single-element fuses have no intentional time-delay.

They offer a high degree of current limitation and provide excellent protection of components. Limitron® fuses require oversizing to avoid opening caused by harmless overloads. In motor circuits, the Limitron® KTU should be sized around 300% of motor full-load current.

The EATON Bussmann Limitron® KLU 600Vac Time-Delay fuse also carries a 200,000 amp interrupting rating. This current-limiting design Class L fuse has a 5 second delay (minimum) at 500% of rated current. It is not as current-limiting as the KRP-C or KTU fuses. It is ideal for critical applications that have specific current limitation requirements

For Limitron KTU Fast Acting specifications, Refer to Bussmann Class L Data Sheet No. 1010
For Limitron KLU Time Delay specifications, Refer to Bussmann Class L Data Sheet No. 1013

Fuse Selection & Sizing for Power Distribution Systems

Power distribution systems handle a wide range of currents. You can avoid fuse sizing mistakes when selecting and correctly sizing replacement fuses for power distribution systems. Proper fuse selection depends on many factors, so consult a professional engineer for your application.

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