Solve the Customer’s Problem — Be a Hero

One of your customers calls. He’s got a critical piece of equipment down, and he needs parts now for a 5kV contactor. The manufacturer says there’s a 4-6 week lead time to get the 5kV control parts needed. Or worse, the product is no longer supportedmonster-controls-equipment and the customer must buy a retrofit kit or a whole new contactor.

You put out the word to your co-workers to find the 5kV parts and get this problem solved. You strike out. No one wants to call a customer back and say “sorry, we can’t help you”. You wish you had another warehouse to check. While these scenarios don’t happen every day, when they do, your resourcefulness can pay off in a big way and make you the hero!

Supply Chain, Including Manufacturers, Running Lean

Turn and Earn ratios have seemingly taken over the supply chain when making inventory decisions. Even the product manufacturers — to streamline their businesses — have reduced shelf stock to improve their bottom line. While this decision-making process helpsmonster-controls-logo make companies more profitable, it makes it difficult to address an unforeseen situation.

Your customers rely on you to provide solutions to get them back up and running. This is where a legitimate and trusted secondary supplier can help. Just as we have filled these types of gaps in the supply chain through our sister division, Monster Fuses, Monster Controls provides a Back-Up and Urgent 5kV Control Parts Service unlike any other in the business. We specialize in Need-It-Now supply and stock the less frequently needed but often critical items.

Monster Controls Bridges Electrical Controls Supply Gap

We are working with the manufacturers to address these needs and have made a commitment to stocking their factory new parts. Most recently, we joined forces with GE and have added a broad range of their 5kV control parts. When the factories can’t supply a product solution quick enough for your customer’s situation, we have product on the shelf and have the services and procedures in place to help you get your customer situation handled and reduce their downtime, 24/7.

Solve your customer’s problem. Be the Hero. Contact Monster Controls. We’re always ready!

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