Gold Rush!… Mining Company Avoids Potential Downtime

Sttatic VAR Comnpensators

Static VAR Compensators provide
safe and reliable power to mines.

EATON 5CLS70-750E 5.5kV 750E Ampgard Transformer
Protection Fuses for SVC Static Var Compensator



I was at the office Saturday morning catching up on some work when one of our largest customers called looking for fuses vital to their mining operation. They were doing maintenance on a critical piece of equipment, one that puts them out of production if it’s not operational.

They had unexpected issues bringing the SVC (Static Var Compensator) back on line. They used every spare fuse they had on site. The process was running but with no critical spare fuses; one incident could shut down their gold production. This could cost them thousands of dollars an hour in lost production – maybe more…



We received the call for emergency service as did some of our competitors. They needed
someone to find some spare fuses NOW and to get them moving NOW. I put out calls to several fuse suppliers, but being a Saturday it was tough to reach anyone.

Not long after my urgent voice mails, e-mails and messages to various sources, a call came in from Lloyd Boag, Inside Sales from Monster Fuses. I had used Monster Fuses services before and glad I reached out to you for this emergency.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”This could cost them thousands of dollars an hour in lost production – maybe more…”[/pullquote]



I spoke with Lloyd on his cell phone and emailed him ( over the next few hours. He had the fuses, and I received the go ahead from our customer.

Lloyd got in his car and headed for the shop while I worked out the details with our customer — eventually hooking up Lloyd with a specialty “hot shot” courier that could fast track fuses to the site.

Lloyd picked, packed and prepared the shipment and waited for the carrier to make sure it got out — all the while sending me e-mail updates and finally confirming when the order had left. The shipment left Saturday afternoon from Monster Fuses, crossed the border and reached the remote mine site 200km’s north of Pickle Lake, Ontario Monday morning by 8:00 am.

Lloyd & Monster Fuses out performed all other suppliers on this request which allowed us to outperform our competitors as well. An all-around win for everyone – supplier, distributor and customer!


Thanks again,

Wholesale Electrical Distributor, Canada


Static VAR compensator for mining


PRODUCT SOLUTION: EATON 5CLS70-750E 5.5kV 750E Double Barrel Bolt-In Ampgard Transformer Protection Fuses


APPLICATION: Static Var Compensator – Feeding safe and reliable power to a mine is a challenging task. Mines are often remotely located and fed by weak networks. This in combination with heavy and complex mining loads creates problems with both reliability and power quality. A SVC (Static Var Compensator) can increase the overall stability of the system, improve the power quality and also enhance efficiency and productivity.


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