Eaton Bussmann PVS-R 600 V Solar Power Fuse

eaton bussmann pvsr fuse

PV Low Voltage Fuses for Solar Power Generation

Eaton Bussmann PVS-R Solar Fuses provide circuit protection for Photovoltaic Systems that convert solar energy into direct current electricity. This method is called PV, which stands for Photovoltaics (PV). So the “PVS” fuse is a Photovoltaic Solar Fuse. More precisely, the PVS-R fuse is a Class RK5 current-limiting type fuse for ground fault and short-circuit conditions for protection, isolation and safety in PV type electrical systems. 600V AC/DC  fast-acting, current-limiting RK5 fuses are designed to protect solar power systems in high temperature, high cycling and low level fault current conditions (reverse current, multi-array fault), 20-400A.

Bussmann PVS-R Class RK5 Fuse:
An OCPD for Extreme Duty

Bussmann PVS-R RK-5 fuses are designed to protect solar power systems in extreme ambient temperature conditions of -40°C to 90°C. The International Electrotechnical Commissions (IEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognize that the protection of PV systems is different than conventional electrical installations.

Solar power generation requires overcurrent protection devices (OCPD) like other electrical power installations including circuit breakers and safety switches needing surge protection. However, unlike typical grid connected AC systems, the available short-circuit current within PV systems is limited, so Bussmann’s PVS-R Solar fuse overcurrent protective devices (OCPDs) are designed to operate effectively on PV Solar power generation systems with low fault current levels.

PVS-R Fuse Features and Benefits:

Listed to UL 2579 – the industry’s only Class R photovoltaic fuse.
Protection in lower-level overload regions where common time-delay cannot
Perform in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40°C to 90°C.
Easily applied in readily available Class R fuse blocks and disconnects


Bussmann 600V PVS-R Fuse Catalog Numbers

PVS-R-20 PVS-R-70 PVS-R-175
PVS-R-25 PVS-R-80 PVS-R-200
PVS-R-30 PVS-R-90 PVS-R-225
PVS-R-35 PVS-R-100 PVS-R-250
PVS-R-40 PVS-R-110 PVS-R-300
PVS-R-50 PVS-R-125 PVS-R-350
PVS-R-60 PVS-R-150 PVS-R-400


Bussmann 600V PVS-R Fuse Blocks Catalog Numbers

Fuse Amps 1 Pole 2 Pole 3 Pole
0-30 RM60030-1_ RM60030-2_ RM60030-3_
35-60 RM60060-1_ RM60060-2_ RM60060-3_
70-100 RM60100-1CR RM60100-2CR RM60100-3CR
110-200 RM60200-1CR RM60200-2CR RM60200-3CR
225-400 RM60400-1CR RM60400-2CR RM60400-3CR
450-600 RM60600-1CR RM60600-2CR RM60100-3CR


In addition to the PVS-R product, Eaton Bussmann provides a wide range of 600V and 1500V PV fuse products including In-line, Cylindrical, Square Body, Cube Fuses, holders and accessories.
Eaton also provides many other products used in PV applications, such as circuit breakers, safety switches and surge protective devices.

The protection of PV systems is different than conventional electrical installations. Converting solar energy into direct current electricity – photovoltaics (PV) — is an elegant, clean power generation solution, and fuse selection depends on many factors. Be sure to consult a professional engineer for your power fusing application.

Monster Fuses provides immediate shipment of power fuses from our extensive inventory. Clients can access more than 14,000 power fuse solutions provided from a stock of 100,000+ fuses, eliminate long factory lead times, and supply real time solutions for urgent fuse challenges in utility, industrial, institutional and commercial applications.

Call us for help calculating fuse current ratings for transformers or selecting fuse hardware, power equipment and electrical replacement parts.

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