How Current Limiting Electrical Power Fuses Work

Power fuses are like overdraft protection on checking accounts., and in this case, power equipment is the bank. Power overloads are like bouncing a check, and fuses respond to overdraws accordingly, protecting the system and keeping it balanced. In the illustration below, you can see how a current limiting fuse provides “overdraft” protection for power equipment.

Select Steps 1 – 4 of this diagram to see how melting in a Helix Current Limiting Fuse absorbs heat and extinguishes an arcing electrical current.

  • current limiting fuse melting

    Fuse Element Melts forming multiple series of arcs at element necks

  • Heat from arcing melts fuse

    Heat from arcing melts sand into a “glass” structure called “fulgurite

  • Fulgurite absorbs

    Fulgurite absorbs heat from arcs, enclosing them, depressing current peak value

  • Arc is extinguished

    Arc is extinguished as current is forced to zero

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Key considerations for choosing the right fuse:

Voltage rating: Maximum ac or dc voltage at which fuse is designed to operate.

Interrupting Rating: The highest alternating or direct current fuse is designed to interrupt under specified application.

Continuous Current Rating: Rating fuse can continuously carry current without exceeding temperature rise values.

Coordination: The fuse must be in ‘coordination” with the equipment line and load to ensure melting (overcurrent and arcing time) and clearing (fuse opening time).


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