Cooper Power ELSG Class Current Limiting

Cooper Power ELSG Fuse for Switchgear, Transformer Circuit Protection

Cooper Power ELSG Fuse for Switchgear, Transformer Circuit Protection

Cooper Power ELSG Fuse for Switchgear, Transformer Circuit Protection

Cooper Power Systems ELSG Current Limiting Fuses are designed for circuit protection in Switchgear and Power Transformers, particularly with Pad Mounted switchgear and transformers.  ELSG Class power protection delivers high speed interrupting of current to prevent short circuits. Copper Power ELSG class current limiting 8.3 kV, 15.5kV, and 23kV fuses limit peak current and fault duration and have both low and high current clearing sections in one housing. Single Housing fuse benefits include:

  • Fuse expulsion by-products cannot leak into power transformer oil
  • Mis-coordination of Expulsion and Current Limiting fuse sections is eliminated
  • Separate Field testing of current limiting section when expulsion operates is not required


Pad Mounted Switchgear and Transformer Maintenance, Circuit Protection

Cooper Fuse Protection ELSG Class is especially suited for Pad Mounted power transformers due to its energy-limiting characteristics and superior coordination of current limiting and expulsion fuse sections.  Cooper MSLE versions of ELSG fuses are interchangeable with Hubbell K-Mate fuses.


E-rated ELSG Fuses for easy installation and Interchangeability

Cooper E-rated ELSG fuses deliver superior coordination for protective devices and power equipment dependability, performance and safety. E-Rated fuses are sized for easy installation in existing hardware and provide positive interruption even on low fault currents. These medium voltage fuses have a melting time that allows interchangeability with fuses having the same E Rating.



100,000 Current Limiting & Expulsion Fuses Stocked

Cooper Power E-Rated Medium Voltage Fuse

Cooper Power E-Rated Medium Voltage Fuse

Monster Fuses provides immediate shipment of power fuses from our extensive inventory of protective devices. You get access to a stock of 100,000+ fuses. We stock Current Limiting and Expulsion Medium Voltage fuses from 2.4kV to 138kV, and critical 600V and below, as well as low voltage power and semiconductor fuses.  Beyond fuses, we carry contactors, starters, renewal parts, switches and power transformers.

As a factory authorized provider of all the major fuse lines, we’ve invested in inventory from: S&C, Cooper Power Systems, Eaton (Cutler-Hammer, Westinghouse), Mersen (Ferraz, GE, Shawmut), Cooper Bussmann, Edison, Littelfuse, and ABB.

Eliminate long factory lead times with Monster Fuses fast shipment when you “Need It Now”. Call toll free 24/7 for emergency service in the West at 888-444-4335 and in the East at 877-444-1798. Search our Cooper Power online fuse catalog and complete inventory at


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Contributing Author: Greg Carter

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